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The Funeral Sermon for Cheryl Newbrough - Cheryl’s Smile

Below is a copy of the sermon I preached on Friday, June 23, for Cheryl Newbrough's funeral. You can hear a podcast of the entire service of the Cove Presbyterian Podbean page.

Cheryl’s Smile

Cheryl NewbroughI think we’d all agree; we shouldn’t be here this morning at a funeral for a person who, less than a year ago, was so incredibly full of life. No, y’all should be down state at the cabin or Cheryl should be hanging out with her grandchildren or she and David should be just spending some time together just like they always did. That’s what y’all should doing. Not saying good-bye to a person that everybody here knew and loved. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But sadly, life isn’t always fair. And good people pass too soon. And those left behind are left in places like this saying good-bye.

And even though there are a lot of spiritual things that I can say, things that, don’t get me wrong, I believe as sure as I’m standing here, you know like how God is in total control of his creation; therefore, where we’ll spend eternity is secure, and I believe it is; and how, when Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, he gave us all a solid reason to hope that one day we’ll be raised ourselves, and I believe he does; and how right now the Holy Spirit is flowing around and through us and he’ll lead us through grief to a place of peace, and I believe he will; you see, although I could say all that, I understand that it’s difficult to hear this kind of thing right now, maybe later but not now. And even if you believe it all, and I hope you do, I understand that it’s not going to make the grief and the sadness go away.

And I’ll tell you, God understands that as well. And so, even though I think it gives our Father genuine pain seeing his children sad, he knows that sometimes we have to travel through, not around but through, the darkness so that they can live in the light on the other side. And I’ll tell y’all, that’s where you are today. And my words aren’t going to change it.

But as you do that, I want y’all to remember two things, because I’ll tell you, I think they’ll help you as y’all go through something that will never be easy. First, I want you to remember that God loves. God loves Cheryl and God loves you. You see, I want you to trust me; right now God holds Cheryl in his loving hands, and they’re the same hands in which he holds us. And that like a good shepherd, he’s already led her through the valley of the shadow of death just like one day he’ll lead us. And when that time comes, we’ll enter a new heaven and a new earth, a place where there’ll be no more pain and parting. And of Cheryl will be there, maybe still packing heat, I don’t know how Heaven works, and certainly wanting to know how the Steelers have done since she was gone. I’m telling y’all, she won’t be alone; she’ll be there, of course, with her mother just the way it’s suppose to be. You see, God just plain loves. He loves her and he loves us. And that’s one thing I want y’all to remember.

And second, I want y’all to remember Cheryl, and in particular one thing that came up over and over again when I talked to the family yesterday afternoon. I want you to remember her smile, that incredible smile that Cheryl had, and the humor and joy and love that lay behind it. For example, I remember y’all said she had one great sense of humor, something that was there right to the end. My goodness, I don’t know many people who, after the movement in the arms and legs were gone and even speech was difficult, good night, who else would pretend to eat the arm of a nurse when he tried to put on the blood pressure cuff. Man, there was a lot of humor behind the smile. And joy, my goodness, as ya’ll know, Cheryl was up for anything, and she found a lot of joy in a whole bunch of different things, like shooting and staying in the cabin and definitely mushrooms, hunting them, not necessarily eating them. Y’all know there was also a lot of joy behind the smile. And when it came to love, her love was both wide and deep. But there was absolutely nothing that she loved more than her family, and I’m talking about all her kids and grandkids and great-grandchild, you know, the ones who sometimes seemed glued to her hip, and of course, the incredible love she had for her dear husband, David. I think y’all know that she would have made any sacrifice for y’all and that she worried a whole lot more for you than she did for herself. Maybe most important of all, that smile showed love. And that you can remember. And I’ll tell you why it’s important. Not only will it keep her alive in your hearts until you see her again, as you tell the story, you’re passing the memories to the next generation, people really need to know Cheryl.

And now it’s about time for us to say good-bye for one last time. And even though it’s not fair and I know it’s extremely hard to do, there are two things I challenge you to remember during this time of separation. First, I want you to remember that God loves. And second, I want you to remember Cheryl, and in particular, her smile.

A Summary of Our Last Deacon’s Meeting – Monday, June 5, 2017

Related imageCove’s Board of Deacons met on Monday, June 5, 2017, with six ruling deacons present. After the meeting was opened with prayer, the session received the report of the secretary and the treasurer. As of June 5, the deacons have a balance of $5,581.39.

The board considered the following items of old business:
  • Flea Market - The following were considered positives: good turnout, all things went smoothly with packing up and taking out,  very good advertising, and good banners. The board may need to check scheduling before making plans for Flea market next year. The Fellowship Hall was being used the day before. The board may need to do pricing earlier and another sign.
  • Mother’s Day - The following were considered positives: the gifts were great and the reception had a good turn out.  The food was great. 
  • Brookline Park - There was more accomplished by Church Members than the city. The city did pick up all debris. The turn out was good but volunteers are still needed.
  • Bucket Brigade - The Boy Scouts did a good job removing the rocks from the Church roof. The rocks were placed in the planters in front of the Church.
  • Event Center Pop Corn Sales - There have been two events so far. The cost of the Popcorn machine was $219.00 instead of $254.00. The turnout at both events has been good. Pop corn seems to be priced right. The popcorn bags were too large (will use regular popcorn bags next time). The lines were long. We had some problems with the popcorn machine. The problem was fixed before the second event. We need another machine to be able to keep up with the crowd. Peggy and Rick Baldt purchased a Vendor tent to use at the Event Center. It was a gift, with no reimbursement needed.
The board considered the following items of new business:
  • Father’s Day - The deacons will give out flag pins and devotional booklets.  Cookies will be served in parlor after Church service.
  • Hot Dog Luncheon - The event is scheduled to July 9th. 
  • Honoring staff & educators, Ed, Heather, Joslyn, Tina, Debbie R., Eleanor Cline, Enid, Big Ray, Janice - The board will check with Tina about gifts. The board needs to figure out what we are having, and volunteers will be needed.
  • Church Picnic - The event is scheduled for Aug. 6th. The board have the following questions: Raffle?  Water Balloon fight, boys vs. girls? Pie in face Ed? Dunking machine?
  • Ice Cream Social - The event is scheduled for Aug 27.
  • Covapaloosa - The event is scheduled for Sept 9th. A deacon is contacting vendors. The following will be included:
    • Mums Sale
    • Table rentals $20.00 per table.
    • Bake Sale, Fudge - peanuts - possible vendors
    • Signs will be needed for advertisement
The following was discussed:
  • Possibilities for up coming events: 
    • Raffle for Church Picnic -  Deacons were encouraged to bring a wrapped gift for auction for Church at the Church picnic.
    • Scouting for Food - The board will co-ordinate with the scouts.
  • There’s a need to co-ordinate birthdays of shut-ins with birthday data base list in bulletins. The secretary will provide a copy of all member birthdays and anniversaries.
  • At the next meeting, the board needs to approve money for postage for bulletins mailed to shut-ins.
  • There’s a need for outreach ideas.
The meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 2, 2017.

A Summary of Our Last Session Meeting – June 11, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

Cove’s session met on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., with six ruling elders present. After the moderator opened with prayer, the session received the minutes from the session meeting of May 14 and the deacon minutes from their May meeting. We also received and discussed the pastor’s report for May. The report included the following information:
  • During the month of May, I led the following funeral service:
    • May 22 - Ruth Coates
  • During the month of May, I officiated the following weddings:
    • May 20 - Atkinson-Baker
    • May 27 - Ballard-Pearson
  • During the month of May, I led the following special services:
    • May 21 - Baccalaureate Service
    • May 29 - Community Memorial Day Service
  • We celebrated communion on May 28. We served 54 persons.
If you’d like to receive any of these reports, please call the church office.

The session made the following committee assignments:
  • Christian Growth – Debbie Rudiger & Colleen Shaw. The following was reported: 
    • Five to six young people will be going to camp.
    • The Senior High Youth didn’t visit the Weirton Geriatric Center, but they plan to do so during the summer.
    • Our youth are looking to do some fundraising for the congregation. They’re considering activities like a car wash and/or a tag day.
    • The youth leaders are looking to schedule a youth-related activity every month.
    • During the summer, we hope to participate in The Academy’s Kid-Fit program.
    • We discussed scheduling a confirmation class for the fall.
    • During the summer, Rev. Rudiger will lead a class on the relationship between the Christian West and Islam.
  • Worship –Sue Willson & Diana Durst. The session was reminded that we’ll need servers for our May 25th communion. It was also reported that the bells would resume practice on July 22.
  • Outreach – Adam Dowler & Rocky Campbell. The following was reported:
    • We have a health license for the popcorn sales at the Event Center.
    • We’ve acquired our bulk mail stamp; therefore, we can resume sending out a newsletter.
    • We’re looking at ways to keep the website updated.
    • The Grief Share group started meeting on Saturday, June 10.
    • We’ve retained our MOPS membership, and we have a person to lead the group when it begins meeting in the fall.
    • We’re considering replacing our sign on Main Street.
    • Debbie Siefert mentioned the opportunity we have to present sermon titles and other articles in the local newspaper.
  • Membership – Debbie Siefert & Phil Fraga. The following was reported: 
    • Steve Cramer will do a presentation of his trips to Israel on July 16, at 2:30.
    • We talked about forming C4 (the Cove Congregational Care Committee) to coordinate activities among the different groups within the church.
These reports address the goals established by session for 2017. 

The session considered the following items of new business:
  • The session considered the letter sent by Dr. Frank Lewis, stated clerk of the presbytery, concerning session that haven’t submitted their minutes for review. The following was moved: The session send a letter to Dr. Lewis explaining why Cove hasn’t submitted its session minutes for review recently. The motion was seconded and carried.
  • In order to improve coordination with and communication between the different boards, the session decided that a representative from the session should attend the meetings of the deacons, trustees and the Endowment Committee.
The session was adjourned due to time constraints. The meeting was closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 9, at 9:00 a.m.

The Bible in a Year: Bible Readings for June 25, 2017

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Bible in a Year: Bible Readings for June 24, 2017

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Prayer Requests, to be shared during Sunday’s worship service

On Sunday, June 25, Cove Presbyterian Church will lift to God the following needs.

Alice Channing
Amy Slisik
Audrey Vincent
Betty Michael
Bob Crupp
Bonnie & Red Nichols
Bruce Mader
Chad Peppler
Cindy Kuzel
Davey Turner
Debbie Zuccaro
Debi Edge
Doris Greene
Emery Edwards
Ethlyn Dellaria
Faith Bonyak
George & Mary Shepherd
Greta Billham
Jim & Shelley Pearson
Jim Neil
Joanie Lawrence
Josh and Dee
Joe & Mary Faran
Karen Lombardi
Kay Hyde
Kenny Orlando
Kevin Kuzel
Libbie Messerly
Marcia Cooper
Marge Oslett
Matthew Kirtley
Michael Shade
Minnie Pazich
Randal Kane
Richard Ballard
Richie Marshall
Rick Shadiow
Rocco Zuccaro
Ronnie Buffington
Sally Robinson
Sandy Hatala
Shirley Everhart Kirtley
Stacy Jo Vogel
Sue Willson
Vicki Williams
Wayne Channing

Alphonzo Lloyde
Elijah Parker
Jameson Criss
Jeffrey Konovich
Jonathan Marte
Lily Ghrist
Macaiah Lloyde
Meadow Abbett
Michael Daugherty
Mitch Almason
Temica Lloyde

Isaac Stephens
Jason Kerr
Jonathan Criss
Justin Schmalstieg
Kara Criss
Michael Criss

Church Families
Anthony Brown
Patti & Melanie Brown
Staci & Patrick Breen

Local Church
Tri-State Church of God

Special Friend
Grace Mitchell

Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery Congregations
Trinity Parish, Chester, West Virginia – Rev. Franklin Lewis
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Chester, West Virginia – Rev. Katrina Lewis

Also Remember in Your Prayers
Alice & Kenny Orr
Carl Hamill
Dolores Edwards
June Virtue
Ron Taflan
Ruth Ann Oestering

What's Happening at Cove Presbyterian Church?

Below are the announcements as they appear in the Sunday bulletin.

“We have seen…that the half of the year following Pentecost is different in character from the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent, Holy Week, Easter.  Whether it is called ‘ordinary time,’ or ‘Season After Pentecost,’ or ‘Kingdomtide,’ each Sunday stands on its own as the Lord’s Day and should be considered in the light of The Scriptures to be read that day.  …The Season After Pentecost is just that; it is not the Pentecost Season…” (Handbook of the Christian Year, p. 241)  Green, the color of abiding life, of peace, nourishment, rest and constancy, is the traditional color for this time of year.

the Rev. Rudiger pours water into the baptismal font even though we might not have a baptism on that particular Sunday. Here’s the reason. Since baptism is one of the pillars of our identity as Christians, this is a reminder that we’re united as members of the Body of Christ. It represents a gift given to us by God, one that we can’t earn and don’t deserve. As we move forward as a congregation, it’s important to remember and to celebrate the sacrament that unites us. And since Jesus said that part of making disciples of all nation involves baptizing them, it’s also a reminder of the mission we’ve been given.

all our children and young people. This Sunday School experience offers them the opportunity to learn the Bible story and apply that story to their lives. “Jesus Time” meets at 11:00 a.m. and runs until the end of the Worship Service. If you have children and teens, ask one of the greeters to direct you to the children’s location.


will meet on Tuesday, June 27, at 6:30 p.m. to continue a series entitled “On the Road Again: A Study of Luke/Acts.”  During this session, we’ll look at Acts 12:1-25.

on Friday
evening, stop by and buy a bag of popcorn from our deacons.

in the parlor before and after the service. Before you leave, grasp a cup and a donut.

Sundays, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. They’ll rehearse in the choir room.  

to Israel, and he’ll be visiting us on Sunday, July 16, at 2:30 p.m. He’ll do a presentation on his trips. It’s open to the public; therefore, come and bring a friend to hear his exciting story.

In the narthex, there’s a fish bowl where you’re invited to leave any pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters you might have rattling around in your pocket or purse.

their time and special gifts to the church. In particular, we thank the following:
We thank Ray Seifert for directing our choir, Sue Willson for directing the bells, and Peggy Baldt for running our sound system during the service.
•  We thank the Trustees (Dan Grant, Burnie Huey, Chuck Caleffie, TJ Smith, and Dean Allen) for making needed repairs.
•  We thank Debbie Rudiger and Tina Viakley for the work they’re doing with our young people.
•  We thank Rick Baldt and Dale Pierce for the replacing the lights in the Fellowship Hall.
•  We thank Burnie and Noah Huey for doing our yard work.
 Finally, all those who offer their time, talent and money to further the God’s Kingdom.

is a year-long nonprofit apprenticeship for young adults with a focus on breaking down racism and building equitable community. Participants live in community, serve in organizations with a reputation for making change in the city of Detroit, and explore how they might be called to join God’s work in the world. Housing and a small stipend are provided. Find out more and download an application at Contact Adam Delzenne at or 248-607-4080 with any questions.

who have not received a Bible please let us know.

If you are not on it or know someone who should be added please give the information to  Heather Campbell or Debbie Seifert.

are reserved for our members and guests who have disabilities or other health issues and need to park as close as possible.

there’s a white board on the wall facing the secretary’s office.

and aren’t receiving e-mails from the church, please contact the church office. For some reason, Comcast blocks messages from Cove; therefore, you may need to set-up another e-mail account (gmail, aol, hotmail, etc.) to receive material we send.

granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's General Assembly on the 29th day of April, 1874, to the Paris Cemetery Company, the newly elected Paris Cemetery Company Board is bringing the operations of this historical cemetery, into the 21st century. The antiquated records indicate 1,800 burials between the years of 1807 thru 2017, with approximately 350 grave sites available for sale. The Cemetery is honored with the remains of Uriah Brown, the Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient along with war soldiers, John Goorley, and William Ledlie from the American Revolutionary War. The general fund has nearly been depleted and the board is asking for donations for badly needed improvements and perpetual care. Inquiries may be made to President, Ralph Speer @ 724-506- 3350. Donation should be payable to : Paris Cemetery Company and sent to:
First Choice America, FCU
3501 Main Street
Weirton, WV 26062
Attention: Paris Cemetery Company

to bringing hope and help to local communities. We do this through a variety of activities, including charitable giving, sponsorships and the unique Community Rewards Program of Kroger. We are also committed to carefully protecting our customers' personal information. In order to meet their expectation of privacy, we have adopted a simple policy to never share a customer's personal information. Our privacy policy applies to Community Rewards participation as well. As your neighborhood food retailer, we deeply value our ability to support local organizations like yours. Your supporters (37 households) who shopped at Kroger between 1-31-2017 and 4-30-2017 (Cycle 16, Qtr 4) have contributed to your $232.27 total donation. Your organization will be receiving a Kroger check in this amount within 30 days from 5-25-2017. If you have any questions, please email KCR16@kroger. com or visit our website at Thank you for your continued support of your local Kroger store.

your enrollment is valid for 12 months from the registration date. You will need your Kroger rewards card number. To confirm that your registration is still active or to re-register you can contact Kroger customer service at this number: 1-866-221-4141. If you need to re-register all you'll need is your Kroger Card number and  our Cove Church number which is 80270. All that is required is that you go to Kroger. com; Community; Rewards; Enroll Now; type in Cove and hit search; click on Cove Presbyterian; click on Enroll Now. Please check your receipt the next time you shop, the bottom should read You requested Kroger to donate to Cove Presbyterian Church. If you need help with this process just call the church office, and Heather Campbell will be happy to assist you.

is set for July 22-29, 2017, at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. At 112 years old, the New Wilmington Mission Conference is the longest-running mission conference in the United States. Held every July, NWMC is intergenerational, Presbyterian-related, and youth-focused. About 1,000 people attend from over 30 states and 20 countries for a chance to connect with mission workers and hear what God is doing all over the world. This week-long conference features many well-known and engaging speakers for one low, all-inclusive price! This year’s speakers include Dr. Rodger Nishioka, Director of Adult Educational Ministries at Village Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Dr. Jim Singleton, Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Evangelism at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, as well as many others. Visit the conference website for more details or to 

International Prayer Partner Requests for June: Thank you for being a prayer partner with MBF, lifting up the praises and needs of our international church partners. The needs are great, but so is our God. So please keep praying! Our partners are experiencing different levels of turmoil this month, so we are asking that you join us in prayer for these specific country needs. It is hard to fathom sometimes the events that are truly taking place in our partner hospitals and clinics. We want to "fix" it and more often it is not a quick fix, but a long season where we are able to look back in hindsight and see God's hand in each part of it. This builds strong faith as we watch God move in these issues, but can sometimes be frustrating because it is out of our hands. That is where prayer comes in. As with anything we are unable to control, we are reminded to trust that God really is our safe place and so we ask that you join us in prayer. Please pray with us for:
  • Malawi – Join us as we pray for our partner hospitals in Malawi--Embangweni, Ekwendeni, Mulanje, Nkhoma--all have fallen behind in financial budgets as more patients are unable to pay. Making matters worse, the government is failing to pay for maternity services it has agreed to fund. The hospitals are in critical shape, especially Embangweni and Ekwendeni. Pray that the government officials will understand the importance of the SLA agreements for the community. Pray that each hospital's staff will have peace as they serve patients with quality care. Pray that they will have the supplies that each patient needs, and will not have to turn anyone away due to lack.
  • DR Congo – We praise the Lord together for the decrease of violence in DR Congo. While the daily armed conflict has declined, the government troops are still in place as the communities are essentially under martial law. IMCK is plagued with patients unable to pay and because of this, short on resources. It is like holding out hope in a war zone. Continue to pray for peace in the midst of the chaos.
  • Haiti – We continue to pray for Haiti. The hurricane last fall decimated the entire west end of the island ruining all crops and vegetation. And while people have returned home they still do not have crops to replace what was lost. This means no money for the farmers which effects the economy. For the hospitals, it points to limited resources and inability to meet all needs. Pray for the container of donated pharmaceuticals in route right now, and for the start-up of a program for MBF to supply a network of Haitian partners with life-giving pharmaceuticals.
  • Kenya – Lift up your prayers for our partner in Kenya, the Chogoria Hospital Clive Irvine School of Nursing. We recently submitted a grant for funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA). The proposal was for the first two phases of a plan to expand and modernize the nursing school. Based on the WHO standards, Kenya has a shortage of nearly 70,000 nurses. Without help, that number will only get worse. Being approved for funding from USAID/ASHA will mean that we can help our partners at Chogoria increase the number of students taught and improves the quality of their education. As we continue to seek God's vision for Chogoria, please pray with us that the funding will be approved.

can be found by calling 304-748-7900 Cove’s Prayer Line. You can call at anytime to hear a message by Rev. Rudiger. The messages are changed every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  You can also hear the devotion at and iTunes (search Cove Presbyterian). You can also read the devotion at

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The Cove Community - This is for the whole church. I’ll post sermons and announcements.
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Bible Talk - We’ve established this blog to give pastors and lay people the chance to discuss Scripture. The weekly passages are from the Common Lectionary.
The Bible in a Year - Each day, we’ll post passages so that you can read the Bible in one year.
Growing in Grace - Although we’re saved by God’s grace, we can grow in our understanding of grace. At Cove Presbyterian Church, we offer a variety of different classes for children and adults, many of which are recorded and posted on our PodBean page.

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drop it in the purple container at the back door so that it can be recycled.

for a service. The cost is $16.00 a vase.  You may also purchase silk flowers or live plants, the choice is yours.  Telephone the office to place your order. After the service, we’ll place the flowers in a vase for you to take.

Campbell’s Labels are being collected by the Presbyterian Women for the Weirton Christian Cent er.  The labels including the bar code or just the bar code can be dropped off in the container located in the hallway downstairs. 
Greeting Cards are being collected by the Myrtle McHendry Class. Please drop off your used Greeting Cards or just the front of the card in the box located in the main hallway downstairs. No envelopes -please. The cards are being sent to St. Jude’s  Ranch to be remade into cards to be sold in their gift shop.  FYI . . Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting Cards can not be accepted as they are trade marked. 
Can Tabs are being collected by the Presbyterian Women for the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown, West Virginia. Deposit your tabs in the container located in the hallway downstairs.