Friday, October 30, 2015

What's Happening at Cove Presbyterian Church?

Below are the announcements as they appear in Sunday's bulletin.

CHANCEL CHOIR PRACTICE  . . .is being held in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Everyone wishing to praise our Lord thru song is welcome to join us!
DON’T FORGET SUNDAY SCHOOL  . . . we meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m.
OUR NURSERY FOR CHILDREN . . .(infant thru five years) is open during Sunday School and the Worship Service. We still need some volunteer help.  We thank those of you in advance who help to care for the future members of our Cove Family.
COVE’S SIXTEENTH ANNUAL MEMORIAL SERVICE . . .is being  held today , November 1 during the morning worship. The twenty-six white roses represent the members and friends of Cove who have died during the past year. A family member can pick-up a  rose at the conclusion of the service.
PROJECT CHRISTMAS SMILE . . .Annual Spaghetti Dinner is being held in Fellowship Hall today from noon till 2:00 p.m. We ask everyone to please support this endeavor. In addition to the posted menu, meatless sauce will be available upon request.
GIFT ORNAMENTS . . .are available for Project Christmas Smile children  on the tree in the narthex.  We ask that you please consider taking an ornament from the tree to give a deserving child a “Special Christmas.”  If you have any questions contact a Deacon member or the church office. Wrapped gifts are to be returned to the church by Monday, November 30.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

LET US GIVE THANKS . . .is the theme of the Myrtle McHendry Meeting and Social this Tuesday, November 3 beginning at 12:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Devotions will be led by Enid Williams and Pat Grant and Esten Jezerski are the hostesses for the afternoon.
OUR TUESDAY EVENING STUDY . . .will meet  on Tuesday, November 3, at 6:30 p.m. to continue our study in which we’ll answer some of the questions raised by the folks who attended the last study. During this session, we’ll consider the question: When life hurts, does God care?
BOARD MEETINGS . . .▸ The Deacons will meet on Wednesday, November 4  at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom.
▸ The Session will meet on Sunday, November 8 after the morning worship.
▸ The Trustees will meet on Monday, November 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom.
OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER . . . is the theme for the upcoming 2015 Church Women United World Community Day to be celebrated on Friday, November 6 here at Cove Church. The worship service will begin at 11:00 a.m. The 2015 focus is to bring Christian women together from different cultural backgrounds to share stories from their Christian journey. The participants will unite the faith community in a time of praise and worship that demonstrates Christ’s reconciling love to the community, the country and the world. A luncheon will be served in Fellowship Hall following the service.
DATE CHANGE. . .COVE’S 225 ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION has been re-scheduled to Sunday, December 6, 2015. Please mark your calendar!! Details to follow.
THANK YOU . . .to everyone for all the cards, visits, phone calls and most  especially for all the prayers for me during my recent illness.  My Cove Family is “extremely special” to me.
         Rosalie Coxen
900+ . . .is the number of food items that the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts collected on Saturday, October 24th for the Deacons Food Pantry. We thank them for their continued support of our community outreach program.
BEFORE SCHEDULING A MEETING . . .please contact the church office beforehand to be sure that the church will be staffed on that day and time. We are not here every evening.
A SPIRITUAL MESSAGE . . .can be found by calling 304-748-7900 Cove’s Prayer Line. You can call at anytime to hear a message by Rev. Rudiger. The messages are changed every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  You can also hear the devotion at and iTunes (search Cove Presbyterian). You can also read the devotion at
WE ARE UPDATING OUR PRAYER CHAIN . . . regularly. If you wish to add someone, contact the church office.
GREETERS NEEDED . . . if you would like to serve as a greeter before a Sunday morning worship service, please contact Bonnie Nichols at 304-723-5134.
SERMONS, DEVOTIONS, LESSONS, AND ESSAYS ARE AVAILABLE ON . . .the Cove PodBean page ( and iTunes (search Cove Presbyterian).
WE ARE BLOGGING!    We now have five blogs that you can check out for information and on which you can leave comments. They’re listed below:
• The Cove Community ( - This is for the whole church. I’ll post sermons and announcements. I also Invite y’all to send in material that you’d like to share with other members of the congregation. And please feel free to comment on anything you might read.
• Cove Kids ( - This is tailored for the preteen young people in our church. Again I’ll post announcements. You’re also invited to send in any writings, photographs and art work you’d like to post. And they don’t have to deal with the church. We also post artwork from Jesus Time.
• Bible Talk ( - We’ve established this blog to give pastors and lay people the chance to discuss Scripture. The weekly passages are from the Common Lectionary, and we’re posting the pastor’s translation of the  Greek text. We want you to read any or all of the passages and to leave any comment or ask any question that you feel is appropriate. Please include any research you’ve done. As we share our ideas and insights, we hope that we’ll all come to a better and deeper understanding of the Bible. Each passage is linked to a website that offers some informative information.
• The Bible in a Year ( - Each day, we’ll post passages so that you can read the Bible in one year.
• Growing in Grace ( - Although we’re saved by God’s grace, we can grow in our understanding of grace. At Cove Presbyterian Church, we offer a variety of different classes for children and adults, many of which are recorded and the podcasts posted on our PodBean (covepresbyterian). In this Blog, we’ll offer the link to the podcast and notes from the particular session.
IF YOU’RE ONLINE . . .“like” us on Facebook (Cove Presbyterian Church,  https://www.facebook .com/Covepresbyterian) or join our Facebook group (The Cove Community, You can also connect with Pastor Rudiger on Instagram (rev_ed).
IN THE HOSPITAL? HOMEBOUND? RECENT ILLNESS?if you know of someone who is in the hospital please contact the church office, due to privacy laws the hospital is unable to contact us. If you are unable to attend services and would like to arrange for a visit from Rev. Ed Rudiger or to receive communion please contact the church office. Also, if you would like to receive the Sunday Bulletin contact the church office.
LOOSE CHANGE OFFERING . . .Session approved the Deacons collecting a “Loose Change Offering” that will be used to assist the Deacons with their utility assistance outreach program for Weirton residents or Cove Church members. We hope church members can help with the assistance program by donating some of their spare change. A container is  in the Narthex for your contribution. The Deacons thank you for your support of their projects.
IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO TAKE YOUR BULLETIN HOME . . .drop it in the purple container at the back door so that it can be recycled.
VASES OF FLOWERS. . .can be purchased for a service. The cost is $16.00 a vase.  You may also purchase silk flowers or live plants, the choice is yours.  Telephone the church office to place your order. After the service, the flowers will be placed in a vase for you to take with you.

ONGOING MISSION PROJECTS . . .  Campbell’s Labels are being collected by the Presbyterian Women for the Weirton Christian Center.  The labels including the bar code or just the bar code can be dropped off in the container located in the main  hallway downstairs.
 Greeting Cards are being collected. Please drop off your used Greeting Cards or just the front of the card in the box located in the main hallway downstairs. No envelopes -please. The cards are being sent to St. Jude’s  Ranch to be remade into cards to be sold in their gift shop.  FYI . . . Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting Cards can not be accepted as they are trade marked.
 Can Tabs are being collected for the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown, West Virginia. Put your tabs in the container located in the hallway downstairs. 

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