Thursday, February 25, 2016

Schwertfeger Chronicles - February 2016

Greetings friends and family!

In our December newsletter, we sent a rough report and some statistics regarding the ministry that had been done with Overland Missions on the continent of Africa in 2015.  Our global head of operations just finished compiling all of the information and we wanted to pass on to you a very succinct version of the ministry's end of year report:

As a team we travelled 1.7 million miles in 2015.  We currently have 102 missionaries on staff with Overland Missions.  5000+ people globally came to Christ.  There were over 700 miraculous healing.  220 leaders were mobilized and graduated 37 missions training students from our base in Zambia!  We began a maritime division for island sectors and acquired a property for our base in Mozambique.  We are starting a new office in the UK (2016) and we have two families in Angola after 6 years of trying to get in!  Add to that new teams in Congo, Zanzibar and Brazil...I think you could say we have some glorious work to do this year!

I'll never be able to stop proclaiming the blessings there are in being involved internationally with a team of people who are committed to the work of the Kingdom.  We never feel alone or that our jobs are small.  Every effort in the forward direction we recognize as advancement for the Kingdom.  And I will never stop being thankful with gratitude flowing out of my heart for the team of people who support us from the United States - therefore committing themselves to the work of the Kingdom throughout the nations!

We love and appreciate all of you!

Jake, Jessi, Sunda, Kya and Noah Schwertfeger

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