Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunday Minute for Mission - Universal Day of Prayer for Students

Around the world, the stories of students are as diverse as the cultures and lands from which they come. Individuals furthering their education may do so out of a sense of hope for the future, that they might improve their life and be exposed to ideas that challenge and change them. This period of transformation and growth comes at a time when many students are physically separated from their support networks and communities of faith. The Student Christian Movement provides space where these students can share their stories and walk their faith journeys together.
These local Student Christian Movements comprise the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The WSCF has six regions, each with its own particularity. The WSCF organizes the annual Universal Day of Prayer for Students, held the third Sunday in February. The day of prayer provides an opportunity to remember students in prayer and to raise up the concerns of students around the world.
The 2016 theme is “Stories of Faith.”  On February 21, 2016, hear and share the stories students bring to their studies—stories that underscore the privilege of studying and the sometimes great sacrifices of students and their families. Also remember those who aspire to be students but are unable to fulfill the dream of furthering their education. Download the toolkit to prepare for the Universal Day of Prayer for Students at
Melissa G. Davis

Let us pray

God alongside us, you know what it is to live a student life: always seeking, asking questions; always adapting, reassessing; always learning, but never sure ourselves. Be with us as we gather to listen to your words and help us to share our stories in peace and confidence. Amen.  Jelly Morgans

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