Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A New Devotion on Cove’s Prayer Line – Seeing the Hand of God

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Genesis 45:1-5

Then Joseph could no longer control himself before all those who stood by him, and he cried out, "Send everyone away from me." So no one stayed with him when Joseph made himself known to his brothers. And he wept so loudly that the Egyptians heard it, and the household of Pharaoh heard it. Joseph said to his brothers, "I am Joseph. Is my father still alive?" But his brothers could not answer him, so dismayed were they at his presence.

Then Joseph said to his brothers, "Come closer to me." And they came closer. He said, "I am your brother, Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt. And now do not be distressed, or angry with yourselves, because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life.”

Seeing the Hand of God

I’m always amazed when I read this part of the Joseph story. I mean, not only does he not feel hostility toward his brothers, he doesn’t even want them to be angry at themselves for selling him into slavery. I mean, even though he knew that they did what they did out of jealousy and as a result he was taken away from his home and family and then he’d spent years as either a slave or a prisoner, in spite of that, he didn’t feel any of the stuff I know I’d have felt. And I think that was because he could see the hand of God within the whole situation. “God sent me before to preserve life.”

And it seems to me that we can do the same thing ourselves. I mean, when we’re facing situations that drain us, problems that we didn’t choose and troubles that we don’t deserve, I think we can reduce the anger and frustration and sadness we might feel. And I believe we can do it by looking to see the hand of God involved. Of course to do that, we might have to follow Joseph’s example. In other words, we might need to trust, to trust that God is involved in our lives even when we don’t see it or feel it. And we might need to hope, to hope that we’re being moved into a future that’s ultimately in his hands and not our own. But maybe most important of all, we might need to wait, to wait patiently for the will of God to work itself out. Now, I recognize that doing this isn’t easy. In fact, it takes both discipline and focus. But if we’re able to pull it off, we’ll begin to get these wonderful glimpses of the God who’s active within his creation, and I’m talking about the one who holds us all in his hands.

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