Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Summary of Our Last Session Meeting – Sunday, August 21, beginning at 9:00 p.m.

Cove’s session met on Sunday, August 21, at 9:00 a.m., with four ruling elders and two members of the trustees present. Ruling Elder Phil Fraga moderated the meeting. After the moderator opened with prayer, the session received Session received minutes from the meeting of July 24th and special meeting of July 31st and the pastor’s report for July.

The session received and discussed the following committee reports:
  1. Christian Growth (Diana Durst) - It was reported that the chair continues to attempt to coordinate efforts with several members
  2. Worship (Vacant) - Group discussion re: collective chairing of committee pending filling the role
  3. Outreach (Adam Dowler and Rocky Campbell) - It was reported that: (i) MOPS participation to date is less than anticipated while noting that hopefully the commencing of the new school year will increase visibility and participation and (ii) a group of members met with Comcast spotlight representatives with the initial impression being that the advertising cost and associated coverage parameters are reasonable with the biggest issue to consider being that of the messaging to be conveyed - and which warrants further discussion
  4. Membership (Debbie Seifert and Phil Fraga) - It was mentioned that 6 people (from 4 residences) were served “shut-in” communion on August 7th with 5 people (from 5 residences) remaining. 
The session discussed the following items of old business:
  1. Contact with the Academy - It was reported that relations with The Children’s Academy continue to improve based on our ongoing emphasis on open communication and follow-up efforts.  This point was emphasized based on the issue with the lack air conditioning during very hot weather which otherwise could and would have been a far worse problem but for the aforementioned improved relations.
  2. Church Picnic - 83 people attended (which was higher than anticipated) and noted that it was encouraging to see a number of children as well as new people in attendance.  It was reported that, despite the higher than anticipated attendance, giving for the Service was less than half of what we’d been receiving on a weekly basis.  Discussion followed suggesting that some people give monthly along with the fact that perhaps holding the Service in such a setting may have been a factor. 
  3. Nominating Committee - Group discussion led to a suggestion that Ed Rudiger send an email to the Trustees and the Deacons regarding needing their representatives on the Nominating Committee and that we should verbally advise any Trustees and Deacons whom we see at the Worship Service regarding same.
  4. Rental of the Chapel to The Children’s Academy - It was mentioned that, per an earlier email from Chris Rosnick (which had been shared with Session) that The Children’s Academy included the incremental $200 in the August lease payment and that the lease amendment will be drafted, sent and signed very shortly
  5. Relationship with the Trustees - It was mentioned that we have not heard any response from the Trustees following the Session letter sent to the Trustees regarding consideration of various intra-board relations.  It was mentioned that during a brief discussion with one of the Trustees, he suggested that the Trustees apparently understand the thinking behind the explanation in the letter and that Session efforts to bridge any intra-board gaps from the past apparently are duly noted.
  6. Telephone Service - It was mentioned that the service cut-over has occurred with a slightly higher cost than anticipated.
  7. Changes to the Sanctuary Layout - It was requested that the previously requested removal of 3 front pews on the non-pulpit side be revised to 2 front pews on both sides.  Group discussion followed regarding frequency of the bell choir performing, amount of room needed, and aesthetic and safety considerations in removing any pews given what will remain on the floor.  Further very near term discussion and planning are warranted in order to make a decision either way given when the bell choir intends to commence performing.
The session discussed the following items of new business:
  1. Purchase of an Air Conditioning Condenser - Following the need to replace the air conditioning unit on The Children’s Academy side of the building, we encountered an issue with the air conditioning condenser on the Sanctuary side of the building earlier in the week.  Session took action via unanimous consent conveyed via individual emails to have Cattrell purchase the necessary components for what was advised at the time as $8,500 with the intention of the air conditioning being operational for the Worship Service on August 21st.  It was reported that, due to an unforeseen additional problem, an additional component has been ordered and will be installed this week.  In addition, It was reported that we’ve contacted the City regarding removal of a tree that appears to be the source of the problem with the alternative course of action being the Cattrell has offered to clean the unit of any debris for $100 per month.  It was further noted that at least some of the cost may be covered by insurance.
  2. Consideration of Suggestions from Two Members of the Congregation - Two separate handwritten suggestions were received regarding various efforts geared toward children, both during the Worship service and regarding other youth-related activities.  Group discussion followed with further discussion warranted.
  3. Consideration of the Business Plan - It was mentioned that we should prepare a summary of efforts to date in keeping with the Business Plan.
  4. September 11 Worship Service - It was suggested that we consider some type of mention - and possibly some type of commemorative item - for the Worship Service on September 11th given that it marks 15 years since the tragic events that took place.
Having no more business, the meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 11, at 9:00 a.m. And session meetings are open to the congregation and our other boards.

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