Monday, August 29, 2016

Board of Pensions - Required Actions for All Churches by September 30

I want to make you aware of a few important actions that all churches/employing organizations  will need to make before September 30.  Please include the following information  in your presbytery communications to churches. Thank you!

Image result for board of pension pcusaAs you know the Board of Pensions has made a number of significant changes to the Benefits Plan and the way employee benefits are priced and structured. There have been many communications about the changes from the Board, but there are many churches that I have encountered which have not either heard or understood the actions all churches are required to do by September 30. Here is some helpful information.  Please put the following into your presbytery’s communications/e-newsletters, etc. in order to get the word out!

  1. Before Sept 30 all churches will need to have the “Authorized Person” from their church ( i.e. normally the treasurer, business manager, or chair of personnel who inputs salary information into Benefits Connect for billing purposes from the Board of Pensions), access  Benefits Connect  and input salary information for each employee and choose the benefits/classifications for all employees. Even if there is only one employee, e.g. the pastor, the authorized person from each church will need to fill in the information on Benefits Connect by Sept 30.  Once Benefits are chosen, an employer agreement would be created that would determine accurate billing.
  2. Once benefits are chosen for employees, the employees and/or pastor will need to access Benefits Connect.  Each employee will see only their information and the benefits offered them by their employer/church. Then, each employee and/or pastor will need to access Benefits Connect between Oct 17 and Nov 11 to choose which benefits they will select or waive from the benefits offered by their employer/church.

Here are several links that will help guide the process and help people and churches move forward.
To access Benefits Connect go to and in the upper right side will be a Benefits Connect “log in”.

For support call Member Services or Employer Services at 800-773-7752   or you can call your regional Church Consultant Rev. Doug Portz at 267-788-4962.

Rev. Dr. Douglas Portz
Church Consultant
Synods of the Covenant and the Trinity (excluding Philadelphia Presbytery)

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