Monday, August 29, 2016

News from the Cove

Below is some new that the friends of Cove Presbyterian Church will find interesting:
  1. The Chiller was repaired Friday but the work crew forgot to turn the blowers on. Craig came in this morning and got everything running. I spoke with Jimmie this morning and asked that he provide us with the invoice as soon as possible so we can send it to the insurance claims adjuster for a determination.
  2. Comcast billing.  We were able to cancel service for one of our phone lines. It appears that it was used as a dedicated FAX line at one time but is no longer needed. This brings our monthly phone and internet bill down to $186.66 vs. $208.00 that we were paying Lumos.  Comcast billed us $168.00 for the installation but will be sending the Church a $300.00 Visa gift card as a "Thank You" for switching. 
  3. The Fuzzy Peach event yielded around $500.00 for the church. We thank our Deacons for all their hard work in making this a very successful event.
  4. A check came today from Kroger Community for $227.04.
  5. We are now registered with Amazon Smile.  If you make purchases with Amazon you can now make those purchases through Amazon smile and the Church will receive .5% on all purchases.  The web site has identical products and prices as Amazon. To register, go to the following address. 
  6. The Chapel has been converted to another classroom for the Academy.  Chris and Jessica are very grateful for the added space and asked me to thank the Session.
  7. Chris rescued three kittens.  Two of which are still in need of homes. They are in the Academy Office waiting to be adopted.  They're really cute. 

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