Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prayer Request from the Medical Benevolence Foundation

Image result for Medical Benevolence FoundationDear Ministry Partners, For many of our missionary partners, sharing the Gospel in some countries can be a dangerous venture. As we move along in our daily lives, we get lulled into complacency, thinking that all is OK just as it is here where we live. This week, we are reminded of just how dangerous their mission can be. We ask for special prayers for both our in-country partners and medical missionary partners serving in DR Congo. Late last week the violence and civil unrest that erupted in early October increased significantly. According to news reports there was a battle near Lubondaie and not far from Tshikaji, where our partner IMCK (the Institut Medical Chretien du Kasai – a nursing school at the rural Presbyterian mission station of Lubonjai) is located. The battle was between the military and a rebel militia. As a result, military trucks have been in constant motion on the main roads and the local people have all become very fearful. Some people have taken refuge at IMCK, and others have run into the bush for safety. It has been raining hard making it difficult for those without shelter. One of our missionary doctors is sheltering a family of six who had nowhere else to go. Things at the hospital are very busy treating and operating on those who were wounded in the battle. Please take a moment today to say a special prayer for our partners in DRC. Please encourage your church to pray for them this Sunday. They are risking their lives to live out the Gospel and share the hope of Christ in some of the most difficult parts of the world.

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