Friday, November 4, 2016

Sunday's Minute for Mission - Christian and Citizen

Image result for "Mary Mikael" PCUSAIn August of 2013, President Obama announced the possibility of military action in Syria.  Our Syrian Church partners urged the Presbyterian Church (USA) to speak out against military action, arguing that the situation would only become more violent as more weapons were funneled into the country.  Mary Mikael, our church partner from the Evangelical Church of Syria and Lebanon, came to Washington, DC and the Office of Public Witness organized visits with key members of congress and the administration. She asked them to give “Syrians a chance to live.”

At the same time, an action alert was sent out to members of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Members were asked to urge the administration and members of congress to have the courage shown by other strong leaders in the past to hold off on military action and renew the efforts for a diplomatic solution.  We asked them to work with the United Nations and other governments to contain the violence, restore stability in the region, provide humanitarian assistance, and encourage the building of an inclusive society in Syria that protects the rights of all its citizens.

Five thousand Presbyterians responded!  Because of the outpouring of opposition to the use of force from Christians across the country as well as the voices of our church partners on the ground, the administration stepped back from the precipice of war and worked toward a negotiated resolution.  This is just one example of the power of advocacy by people of faith!  There are many others.  Get involved by going to the Office of Public Witness website – and sign up for our action alerts.

Catherine Gordon, Representative for International Issues, Presbyterian Church (USA), Office of Public Witness
Let us pray

Loving God, we pray for our community – for awareness of needs within our own community and the global community, for courage to be intentional in getting to know our neighbors both locally and abroad, and for opportunities to partner together in advocating for justice.  We praise you for the opportunities that will be presented to us throughout the year that will bring change to our world.  We pray that policies and laws will be put into place that will promote the cause of the oppressed, both locally and globally.

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