Monday, June 26, 2017

A Summary of Our Last Deacon’s Meeting – Monday, June 5, 2017

Related imageCove’s Board of Deacons met on Monday, June 5, 2017, with six ruling deacons present. After the meeting was opened with prayer, the session received the report of the secretary and the treasurer. As of June 5, the deacons have a balance of $5,581.39.

The board considered the following items of old business:
  • Flea Market - The following were considered positives: good turnout, all things went smoothly with packing up and taking out,  very good advertising, and good banners. The board may need to check scheduling before making plans for Flea market next year. The Fellowship Hall was being used the day before. The board may need to do pricing earlier and another sign.
  • Mother’s Day - The following were considered positives: the gifts were great and the reception had a good turn out.  The food was great. 
  • Brookline Park - There was more accomplished by Church Members than the city. The city did pick up all debris. The turn out was good but volunteers are still needed.
  • Bucket Brigade - The Boy Scouts did a good job removing the rocks from the Church roof. The rocks were placed in the planters in front of the Church.
  • Event Center Pop Corn Sales - There have been two events so far. The cost of the Popcorn machine was $219.00 instead of $254.00. The turnout at both events has been good. Pop corn seems to be priced right. The popcorn bags were too large (will use regular popcorn bags next time). The lines were long. We had some problems with the popcorn machine. The problem was fixed before the second event. We need another machine to be able to keep up with the crowd. Peggy and Rick Baldt purchased a Vendor tent to use at the Event Center. It was a gift, with no reimbursement needed.
The board considered the following items of new business:
  • Father’s Day - The deacons will give out flag pins and devotional booklets.  Cookies will be served in parlor after Church service.
  • Hot Dog Luncheon - The event is scheduled to July 9th. 
  • Honoring staff & educators, Ed, Heather, Joslyn, Tina, Debbie R., Eleanor Cline, Enid, Big Ray, Janice - The board will check with Tina about gifts. The board needs to figure out what we are having, and volunteers will be needed.
  • Church Picnic - The event is scheduled for Aug. 6th. The board have the following questions: Raffle?  Water Balloon fight, boys vs. girls? Pie in face Ed? Dunking machine?
  • Ice Cream Social - The event is scheduled for Aug 27.
  • Covapaloosa - The event is scheduled for Sept 9th. A deacon is contacting vendors. The following will be included:
    • Mums Sale
    • Table rentals $20.00 per table.
    • Bake Sale, Fudge - peanuts - possible vendors
    • Signs will be needed for advertisement
The following was discussed:
  • Possibilities for up coming events: 
    • Raffle for Church Picnic -  Deacons were encouraged to bring a wrapped gift for auction for Church at the Church picnic.
    • Scouting for Food - The board will co-ordinate with the scouts.
  • There’s a need to co-ordinate birthdays of shut-ins with birthday data base list in bulletins. The secretary will provide a copy of all member birthdays and anniversaries.
  • At the next meeting, the board needs to approve money for postage for bulletins mailed to shut-ins.
  • There’s a need for outreach ideas.
The meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 2, 2017.

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