Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Wonderful Sunday at Cove

Cove Presbyterian had a wonderful Sunday!! Morning worship was a great puppeteer presentation by Mr. Gary Mason, his friendly puppets, & his new sidekick, Rev. Ed who worked on lessons of honesty with the Cove Youth. Then in the afternoon, Rev. Steve Cramer from East Liverpool, Oh, thrilled the assembly with reviews of his 5 pilgrimages to the Holy Land,  through discussion & a beautiful slide show presentation. Cove wishes to thank Gary and Steve for taking the time to share their talents with us. And we thank the Cove Family for attending, baking for the reception, and all their help making these programs so successful. In particular, we thank Debbie Siefert for organizing Rev. Cramer's talk.

Below are some pictures from the two events. And if you want to hear the service, go to Cove Presbyterian Church Worship Service - July 16, 2017. And you can find a podcast of Rev. Cramer's presentation at Exploring the Holy Land.

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