Monday, June 26, 2017

A Summary of Our Last Session Meeting – June 11, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

Cove’s session met on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., with six ruling elders present. After the moderator opened with prayer, the session received the minutes from the session meeting of May 14 and the deacon minutes from their May meeting. We also received and discussed the pastor’s report for May. The report included the following information:
  • During the month of May, I led the following funeral service:
    • May 22 - Ruth Coates
  • During the month of May, I officiated the following weddings:
    • May 20 - Atkinson-Baker
    • May 27 - Ballard-Pearson
  • During the month of May, I led the following special services:
    • May 21 - Baccalaureate Service
    • May 29 - Community Memorial Day Service
  • We celebrated communion on May 28. We served 54 persons.
If you’d like to receive any of these reports, please call the church office.

The session made the following committee assignments:
  • Christian Growth – Debbie Rudiger & Colleen Shaw. The following was reported: 
    • Five to six young people will be going to camp.
    • The Senior High Youth didn’t visit the Weirton Geriatric Center, but they plan to do so during the summer.
    • Our youth are looking to do some fundraising for the congregation. They’re considering activities like a car wash and/or a tag day.
    • The youth leaders are looking to schedule a youth-related activity every month.
    • During the summer, we hope to participate in The Academy’s Kid-Fit program.
    • We discussed scheduling a confirmation class for the fall.
    • During the summer, Rev. Rudiger will lead a class on the relationship between the Christian West and Islam.
  • Worship –Sue Willson & Diana Durst. The session was reminded that we’ll need servers for our May 25th communion. It was also reported that the bells would resume practice on July 22.
  • Outreach – Adam Dowler & Rocky Campbell. The following was reported:
    • We have a health license for the popcorn sales at the Event Center.
    • We’ve acquired our bulk mail stamp; therefore, we can resume sending out a newsletter.
    • We’re looking at ways to keep the website updated.
    • The Grief Share group started meeting on Saturday, June 10.
    • We’ve retained our MOPS membership, and we have a person to lead the group when it begins meeting in the fall.
    • We’re considering replacing our sign on Main Street.
    • Debbie Siefert mentioned the opportunity we have to present sermon titles and other articles in the local newspaper.
  • Membership – Debbie Siefert & Phil Fraga. The following was reported: 
    • Steve Cramer will do a presentation of his trips to Israel on July 16, at 2:30.
    • We talked about forming C4 (the Cove Congregational Care Committee) to coordinate activities among the different groups within the church.
These reports address the goals established by session for 2017. 

The session considered the following items of new business:
  • The session considered the letter sent by Dr. Frank Lewis, stated clerk of the presbytery, concerning session that haven’t submitted their minutes for review. The following was moved: The session send a letter to Dr. Lewis explaining why Cove hasn’t submitted its session minutes for review recently. The motion was seconded and carried.
  • In order to improve coordination with and communication between the different boards, the session decided that a representative from the session should attend the meetings of the deacons, trustees and the Endowment Committee.
The session was adjourned due to time constraints. The meeting was closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 9, at 9:00 a.m.

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