Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Summary of Our Last Session Meeting – July 9, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

Cove’s session met on Sunday, July 9, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., with seven ruling elders present. After the moderator opened with prayer, the session received the minutes from the session meeting of June 11 and the deacon minutes from their June meeting. The pastor’s report for June was received as printed. In the pastor’s report, the following was noted:
  • During the month of June, I led the following funeral service:
    • June 23 - Cheryl Newbrough
  • During the month of June, I officiated the following weddings:
    • June 3 - Brown-Adams
    • June 10 - Feathers-Swoager
    • June 16 - Bellman-Reidmiller
  • In our Tuesday Study, I’m leading we’re continuing a series on Luke/Acts.
  • I’m preaching a series entitled “Living by the Spirit.”
  • We’re hosting a Grief Share support group. 
  • Gary Mason and I will lead a youth-related worship service on July 16.
The session considered the following material from the committees:
  • Christian Growth (Debbie Rudiger & Colleen Shaw) – No report was given.
  • Worship (Sue Willson & Diana Durst) 
    • The following was reported: 
      • 65 were served communion June 24
      • We’ll need servers for our July 29th communion. 
    • It was mentioned that we’ll need to the serve the shut-ins soon.
  • Outreach (Adam Dowler & Rocky Campbell) 
    • It was reported that we’ll send out a newsletter during the next week. 
    • The session discussed the feasibility of Bingo at the church, including the following: schedule, goals (raising money and increasing outreach), start up costs, and equipment and expertise needed. We agreed to investigate and have a report at the August session meeting. 
    • A quote for replacing our sign on Main Street was sent to the session. We’ll get additional quotes before making a decision.
  • Membership (Debbie Siefert & Phil Fraga) 
    • The following was reported:
      • Steve Cramer will do a presentation of his trips to Israel on July 16, at 2:30. We discussed the following:
        • Refreshments
        • Set-up and Location
        • Bulletins
      • It was also reported that C4 (the Cove Congregational Care Committee) sent cards thanking several individuals and groups for some non-monetary contributions to the church.
      • Finally, it was reported that a long-time member of the congregation asked her why people who don’t attend Cove are currently serving on congregational boards and committees.
    • The session discussed whether material is distributed to new people who’ve moved into our community. One of the elders volunteered to contact the Chamber of Commerce.
    • The idea was introduced of establishing a relationship with a local “sister” church.
The session considered the following items of old business:
  • Letter to Endowment – At the direction of session, a letter was sent to the chair of the Endowment Committee asking for an accounting of funds. The session discussed issues related to the letter.
  • Report Related to the Deacons 
    • An elder attended the July 3 meeting of the Deacons and reported the following:
      • The Deacons received $2,000 from Endowment designated toward the use of sending birthday cards and anniversary cards to shut-ins. The Deacons would also pay for postage, purchase small gifts, and schedule outings for shut-ins. The Deacons would reimburse the church secretary for mailings.
      • The popcorn machines used at the event center have been paid off. For July 1st Wheeling Symphony concert, the Deacons made a profit of $585.00.
      • Thus far this year, the Deacons have given the following:
        • $316.82 toward community assistance
        • $340.00 for Easter baskets and gift cards
        • $1,000 to the church
      • At the meeting, the Deacons approved an additional $120.00 for community assistance.
      • The Deacons discussed details of upcoming staff/educator appreciation luncheon.
      • The Deacons discussed details of the upcoming church picnic, including doing a White Elephant game. They requested that the Session approve a 50/50 raffle and asked that the Session oversee it.
      • It was approved to give the church the proceeds from the table rentals at the upcoming Covaplooza event. The sale of mums will go to the Deacons. On October 14, the Deacons will be selling chili dogs at the event.
      • The Deacons will purchase an outside cigarette disposal container.
      • The representative of the Session indicated that Deacons are welcome to attend Session meetings. She encouraged them to work together to reach common goals. She shared the following:
        • Minutes from the last Session meeting
        • Committee assignments
        • Goals for 2017
      • There is still an ongoing discussion of Project Christmas Smile and if and/or how it may evolve this year. 
      • Due to the busy schedule of the Deacons, it was determined to have the children sell root beer floats on Sunday, August 27, following worship.
      • The Deacons were asked about their desire to have a youth delegate on their board. They didn’t believe it was necessary due to the following reasons:
        • Kids are very busy in school and related extra-curricular activities.
        • They are not aware of any child who would want to sit in on meetings.
        • They believe kids at church do help when attending Deacons activities.
    • The session considered Project Christmas Smile. We discussed the following:
      • The importance of the program in our community
      • The possibility of reducing the scale of the event
      • Intentionally, emphasizing the religious foundation of Christmas
The session considered the following items of new business:
  • Developing a Structure for Cove Boards and Committee – Given some changes in responsibilities, The following was moved: The session up-date the structure for Cove Boards and Committees. The suggestions will be circulated among the session members and within the congregation before they’re considered at the August session meeting. The motion was seconded, discussed and carried.
  • Church Picnic – The session discussed their responsibilities for the August 6th church picnic. The following was moved, seconded, discussed, and carried: The session sponsor a 50/50 at the picnic. The motion was seconded, discussed and carried.
The session was adjourned due to time constraints. The meeting was closed with prayer. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 13, at 9:00 a.m.

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